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Katie Hopkins denies that she is a racist, then retweets a Nazi source to prove it

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Katie Hopkins is well known for courting controversy, but today she sunk to a new low by drawing upon an openly Nazi source in order to justify her backward views on race.

Following accusations of racism on her LBC call-in show, Hopkins took to Twitter to argue that “Racial profiling is a good thing, call me racist. I don’t care… it has lost all meaning.”

The Twitter world responded with condemnation, but Hopkins did not stop there.

Astonishingly, she then retweeted a message from AntiJuden (German for Anti-Jewish) which read, approvingly, “Now that is the way it should be told.”

kt-hopkins-naziOn its Twitter page, AntiJuden describes itself as “Traditional National Socialist…. Pre-AltRight … Lutheranism; Odinism.” Descriptions that are identical to that of Hitler’s Nazi Party.

As if this does not make their aims clear enough, their profile picture actually contains a large Swastika – the emblem of the German Nazi Party. The account also has a link to a recently created AntiJuden WordPress site which contains a number of virulently anti-Semitic articles.

The irony of using Nazi propaganda to demonstrate she is not a racist has apparently proven too much even for Hopkins, who has since deleted the post, claiming that she “didn’t look at the Twitter handle.”

But her “accidental” post nevertheless helps to underline the fact that, contrary to what Hopkins’ claims, racism is not a thing of the past… far from it in fact.

The Twitter outburst came after Hopkins was accused of racism by a caller – known only as Joseph.

The caller criticised Hopkins for only “speak[ing] about the ethnic people who commit crimes, instead of talking about the crimes that have been committed in society.”

Hopkins’ then launched into a confused and rambling denial:

Do you think that’s racist?


I genuinely believe ‘racist’ as a word has been used so much, Joseph, I’m sorry for the word racist in a way. I love language.


It’s become used so much, it’s like a regular word now, it’s lost all meaning to me.


If I’m called racist, it’s just the same as someone offering me a tea or a coffee, it’s such a mundane word. I think that’s unfortunate, don’t you Joseph, when we overuse a word?

Joseph coolly responded by stating that the word “racist’ is used so often because it’s occuring so often.”

The facts certainly back up Joseph’s claim. If anything, racism is on the rise.

It is tempting to say that Hopkins might want to think before she opens her mouth in the future. But we have seen that this is not her style.

Maybe a better policy would be to push her employer to review whether or not they want to continue to give her vile and misinformed views a platform.

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