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First they’re called Trotskyites, then Nazis. And you say Corbyn supporters are the ones spewing bile?

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The millionaire Labour Party donor, Michael Foster, has written an obscene article for the right-wing Daily Mail, titled – “Why I despise Jeremy Corbyn and his Nazi stormtroopers.

The irony of writing an article with such an absurd headline in a newspaper that actively supported fascism during the 1930’s is clearly lost on Foster.

The article is illustrated with a picture of Hitler’s Brownshirts – who in the 1930’s were used by Hitler to attack, kidnap, and murder Jews, Communists, and Trade Unionists. To draw an equivalence between the Brownshirts and members of Momentum, is both grossly offensive, and ridiculously innacurate.

The apoplectic Foster attacks Corbyn and his supporters for behaving like a cult, and a cadre of hard-left socialists, who have no respect for others, – or for the rule of law. He raises the issue of the brick that was thrown through Angela Eagle’s office window – which was actually a shared stair-well, a protest outside the office of Stella Creasy, and a letter to General Secretary, Iain McNicol, threatening court action. This is the limit of evidence that Foster raises in regards to his vile Brownshirt comparison.

Convenienty, Foster fails to mention the death threats received by Jeremy Corbyn.

Foster’s allegations of bullying and intimidating behaviour stick in the craw, not least because he has a history of abusing his political opponents. In 2015, when he was the Labour candidate for Camborn and Redruth, Foster took exception to a rival, Loveday Jenkin, mentioning his two £1million homes that would be subject to the bedroom tax – which Foster opposed – and was accused of responding with:

You c*nt. If you pick on me again I will destroy you.

At a time the Labour Party are suspending poets for writing satirical pieces, and ‘banning’ use of the word ‘Blairite’ at CLP meetings, here we have Foster, a millionaire member and donor, using vile slurs in the national press, seemingly with impunity.

I would wager that if Foster wasn’t a high-profile donor that he would have been suspended and dealt with in a manner similar to that of Ken Livingstone.

Foster really does stretch out his brass-neck when he accuses Corbyn and his allies in using threats of court action to get his own way. Again, irony has passed the filthy-rich Foster by, as he recently took Corbyn and the Labour Party to court in an attempt to overturn the National Executive Committee decision to put Corbyn on the ballot automatically, as the incumbent – without the requirement for MP nominations.

Foster seemingly believes his actions are legitimate and within the spirit of party democracy, however, individual members that have been mis-sold their membership, and who are taking their grievance to the high-court, are somehow attempting to subvert party democracy, and to – “flood the electoral college.

Foster’s personal animosity towards Corbyn and his supporters – whom he accuses of having “second-rate minds” – seeps from every word.

He draws his bitter brain-fart to a close with a nugget of comedy gold, by accusing the Guardian of being – “Extreme politcal recidivists.

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Tom D. Rogers

Co-Founder, Contributing Editor

Jess Miller

Co-Founder, Contributing Editor

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