Lord Sugar backs Boris Johnson for PM despite saying he should be in jail just 8 months ago

Multi-millionaire business owner and outspoken anti-Corbyn critic, Lord Sugar, has backed Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister despite demanding the former Foreign Secretary be thrown in jail less than 9 months ago over ‘Brexit lies’ during the 2016 EU referendum.

In a tweet posted today, Lord Sugar claimed he was now backing Boris Johnson for PM because he “can stop @jeremycorbyn from becoming PM”:

“I seriously back to be the new PM . The public like him and he will have a good chance of winning the general election in 2021 if not before. Any one who can stop from becoming PM has my backing .”


However, just 8 months ago in a House of Lords debate regarding a second Brexit referendum, Lord Sugar literally demanded Boris Johnson be prosecuted and put in jail over his ‘Brexit lies’, stating:

“In some cases misleading shareholders had resulted in prosecution, imprisonment.”

“Applying the public company principle, it should follow that those people who will be responsible for putting this country into five to 10 years of post-Brexit turmoil based on lies should be in prison or at least prosecuted.

“Such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for the £350m lie they put on the red bus.”

But now, Sugar has also claimed to be “delighted” that Mr Johnson is the odds on favourite to become the next Prime Minister, stating on a Sky News podcast:

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“[…] in a bizarre way, when the next general election comes up, I think the voting public will far prefer him than Jeremy Corbyn.”

“So anybody who will stop Corbyn getting into power is going to be backed by me.”

“Boris did a relatively good job when he was the mayor of London and when he becomes the Prime Minister I am sure that he will grab Brexit by the horns and get ready for election in 2021.”

Boris Johnson has already pledged to cut taxes for the rich, should he become Prime Minister.

Conversely, Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to raise taxes for those earning above £80,000 in order to properly fund public services, such as the NHS and schools, and to fund the scrapping of university tuition fees.

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