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Millionaire businessman threatened to sack his employees if they voted for Corbyn

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A Watford-based IT company has been accused of threatening to sack their employees if they dared to vote for Labour during the 2017 General Election.

The company, Storm Technologies Limited, allegedly sent out an email to employees on polling day threatening them on numerous levels if they voted for Labour.

The email stated that:

If by any chance Labour win, we’ll have to re-think a few things here at the company so if you value your job and want to hold onto your hard earned money vote Conservative

He then threatens his staff with classic Tory rhetoric about Labour’s taxation policies, saying:

Security and the ECONOMY needs a strong hand and Corbyn will be a nightmare.

Saying of Corbyn that:

He resents those making good money, wants to hike corporation tax up by 7% immediately, hike higher rate tax payers by another 5%, bring far more people into the 40% tax bracket (and there are a lot of you here at Storm) borrow billions which at some point has to be paid back and will generally send us backwards.

Then, most shockingly, he threatens his employees with the sack should they dare to vote for Labour:

“Labour voters will be made redundant first if Labour do win and things slow down……….

The email was sent to staff on polling day and has since been seen by the GMB Union who issued this scathing attack in response:

It is unacceptable and morally and ethically wrong for a company director to tell his staff that ‘Labour voters will be made redundant first if Labour do win.


A boss should not be harassing employees or interfering with their right to vote for who they wish – it’s Dickensian, workhouse nonsense.


Any staff working for John Brooker should be have been able to vote for their candidate or party of choice without fear for their jobs and their livelihoods.


If you want to see an example of kind of oppressive working environment seven years of Tory rule has created – this is it.

According to Companies House, Booker’s company Storm Technologies made £2.1 million in profits in 2016, has four directors and employs just over 100 members of staff. The highest paid director received £355,382, and shareholders were paid £1.6 million in dividends. John Booker and Mrs Booker have a 100% combined shareholding and John also has interest free loan of £2.9 million from the company. The company occupies premises leased from Mr Booker and his family and paid 372,694 in rent during 2015. 

Storm Technologies boasts on its website of a range public service contracts that they have been recently awarded:

Storm has recently been accepted as IT suppliers of Hardware, Software and Technology Services under the new Crown Commercial Services Agreement:


Being awarded onto this latest Public Sector framework strengthens our position as a Public Sector IT reseller as they work hand in hand with our current GCLOUD6 agreement.


Storm provides a range of IT procurement, professional and managed service solutions under each of these frameworks.
Here at Storm, we enable Central, Local Government, MOD, Educational and Healthcare organizations to reduce their IT infrastructure costs, minimize the risks of moving to the cloud, and have superb customer service.

This is not the first case reported to Evolve Politics where employees have been threatened with the sack for supporting Labour or holding left-leaning political views, and we suspect that this practice of intimidation for people’s personal views is more common than reported.

That millionaire bosses feel powerful enough to interfere with democracy in this way, commanding and threatening their workers into voting Conservative should give us all pause for thought. That his company appears to mainly be funded by the taxpayer should also raise huge questions about the real motive behind this behaviour.

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