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Nigel Farage accused of faking bizarre letter from ’10-year old Brexiteer’ whose ‘pro-EU teachers’ supposedly “brainwash” him

The leader of the Brexit Party and the main architect of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, Nigel Farage, has been roundly mocked and accused of forgery after posting a photo of a bizarre letter he claims to have received from a 10-year old ‘fellow leaver’.

Earlier today, Farage tweeted that he had recieved “An amazing letter received from fellow leaver Matthew, who is 10 years old“, and attached a photo of the letter.

In the letter, the ten year old child claims, in impeccable handwriting, that “the majority of MPs in Parliament want to ignore democracy and over turn [sic] the referendum result“, before adding that his school supposedly tries to “brainwash us to be pro-EU“.

However, Matthew – who is only old enough to be in year 4 or 5 of primary school – insists that he is not falling for his teachers’ supposedly pro-EU propaganda, adding that “me and my friend Jim know their tricks“.

The full letter reads:

“Dear Nigel,

I’m a ten year old boy and I’m writing to express my gratitude to you and your Party. Without you the Leave Voters would have nobody to represent their opinions as the majority of MPs in Parliament want to ignore democracy and over turn [sic] the referendum result. At my school they try and brainwash us to be Pro-EU but me and my friend Jim (fellow Leaver) know their tricks.

Many thanks and good luck,

from Matthew.”

However, not everyone was convinced that the letter was genuine, with Farage’s tweet receiving significant criticism and a huge numbers of particularly humourous replies accusing him of posting a blatant forgery:


Hilariously, even Farage’s mates over at The S*n appear to be sceptical about the letter, describing the ten-year old’s handwriting as oddly “immaculate”.

And, perhaps most surprisingly, even The S*n’s notoriously gullible readers didn’t seem to be buying it, with 3 of the 4 comments on their own article expressing doubt:

When even people who read The S*n have enough independent mental fortitude to doubt the veracity of something they are told, the jig is probably up.

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