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Nigel Farage roundly ridiculed after coming out in favour of “Surrender Act”

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The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, has sparked hilarity and ridicule on social media after coming out in favour of the law intended to prevent a No Deal Brexit and extend Article 50 – a bill which numerous Brexiteers have labelled the “Surrender Act”.

Earlier today, the EU announced that it had finally agreed a revised Brexit deal with Boris Johnson’s government.

Following the highly anticipated announcement, the EU President, Jean-Claude Juncker, appeared to rule out agreeing to any further Brexit delay – stating that there would not be “any kind of prolongation” and that “[Brexit] has to be done now“.

However, despite the UK’s departure from the EU now appearing to be within touching distance, Nigel Farage – who has consistently advocated for leaving the European Union – sparked confusion after expressing his immense displeasure at the situation.

Writing on Twitter, Farage slammed Mr Juncker and the EU, stating:

So an unelected, retiring bureaucrat says: No extension, take this new treaty or just leave.

He is overriding the Benn Act. The EU shows itself to be a thuggocracy – power without accountability. Appalling people.

Unsurprisingly, Farage’s apparent defence of the Benn Act – which has been consistently derided as the “Surrender Act” by Brexiteers – came in for intense ridicule by numerous social media users.



Others speculated that Farage’s astonishing u-turn may have more to do with the fact that once Brexit is finally done, he will become irrelevent and lose his EU salary:


Whatever Farage’s real reasons for coming out in favour of a Brexit extension, this is surely a development that nobody could have predicted.

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