One of Labour’s youngest ever MPs delivers a truly mesmerising maiden speech that will blow you away [Video]

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The new Labour MP for North West Durham, Laura Pidcock, has taken Parliament by storm with her maiden speech, where she attacks the “archaic” systems of government and claims that the house of commons “reeks of the establishment and of power”.

The Conservatives will likely be quaking in their boots after hearing this new socialist firebrand speak for the first time since being voted in at the snap election earlier this month. It is extremely exciting to see young MPs, particularly young women, taking on the establishment with such vigour.

Laura goes on to say that the house “was built at a time when my class and my sex would have been denied a place within it because we were deemed unworthy”.

For too long, the ruling 1% have been in control of government with minimal opposition, including from Labour. The past two years have seen this begin to change, with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader kick-starting a shift in the dynamics of British politics to an extent not seen in decades.

The language used and the issues raised by Pidcock’s maiden speech prove that this populist change is not only irreversible, but it is accelerating. Finally we are seeing a member of parliament attack not just the Tories, but the corrupt and exploitative capitalist institution that gives them their power.

Laura says she believes that:

the intimidating nature of this place is not accidental. The clothes, the language, and the obsession with hierarchies, control and domination are symbolic of the system at large.

Her comments are totally in tune with the views of the British people, whilst the catastrophic Tory/DUP alliance has less and less in common with the public with each passing day.

Laura used her speech to taunt the government on their shambolic record, inviting them to meet the nurses, junior doctors and firefighters in her constituency.

“Come and tell them that years of austerity have improved their practice or their profession”, she says mockingly.

At a time where giving a pay increase to public sector workers is not only needed, but also a great strategic move politically, Theresa May’s government still blocks it out of sheer malice.


With fantastic new MPs like Laura Pidcock leading the charge against them, it is practically certain that we will see the back of this pathetic excuse for a government before the next scheduled election.

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