A poster mocking Syrian refugees has been found by a Labour MP being displayed in the houses of Parliament.

Labour MP Chi Onwurah tweeted the shocking picture earlier today, after spotting it displayed on the wall of a communal kitchen in Parliament.

Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central and Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, said that it had clearly been placed there on purpose.

She told Huffington Post UK

It was spotted sellotaped above a sink so it was not by accident


I thought it was really upsetting. It shouldn’t have a place in Parliament

She also raised serious concerns that current Tory rhetoric is fueling this kind of nonchalant xenophobia

There’s been an increasing xenophobic commentary in politics and the Tory Party Conference had numerous examples of that and so by condoning that kind of hostility you’re making this more likely to happen.

Since the incident Onwurah has urged Parliament to re iterate the guidelines surrounding what is suitable to be displayed in parliament.

The tweet has provoked anger, and disbelief from the public.

The British government are only now starting to live up to its legal obligation to resettle child refugees, after months of campaigning by Lord Dubs, as well as other aid groups.

The child refugee crisis has been recently marred by Tory MP David Davies’ call for dental checks to be carried out on refugee children in order to to verify their age.

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An idea which has widely been promoted by much of the right wing media, despite the fact that it has been condemned by experts from the dental profession.

The picture illustrates a disturbing and perverse attitude that has developed with regards to refugees, and is particularly sick when you consider the kinds of trauma these children have been through.

Parliament should be ashamed of its brazenly callous attitude to child refugees, instead it seems they think it’s funny.

Luckily, and rightly, the majority of the public doesn’t seem to agree with them.

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