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Pro-Tory magazine defends employing antisemitic writer because it’s ‘good for sales’

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The controversial right-wing pro-Tory magazine, The Spectator, has defended its ongoing employment of a rabidly racist, openly antisemitic columnist by pointing to the fact that their sales have drastically improved since he began spouting his discriminatory bile for them.

Writing on Twitter, The Spectator’s Editor, Fraser Nelson, posted a graph showing that sales of the magazine have significantly shot up since 1977.

Attached to the graph was a tag referring to the fact that they first began employing the highly controversial, rabidly racist and antisemitic writer, Panagiotis “Taki” Theodoracopulos in the same year.

The graph shows that since taking the racist writer on board, The Spectator’s sales have increased around seven-fold, jumping from 10,000 to over 70,000 in this period:

Taki has an astounding track record of overt racism – with Evolve previously reporting:

“Amongst Theodoracopulos’ absolute litany of antisemitism includes the time he reportedly “uttered the notorious blood libel on the Jewish people”.

Furthermore, on Taki’s online magazine, you can read a disgustingly antisemitic article entitled “The Men Who Taste Jews In Their Sandwiches” which states that “[the Jews] find it fashionable to hide behind a shield of historic persecution to further their group interests and seemingly insatiable hunger for power”.

On top of these clear examples of anti-Jewish racism, the Spectator magazine also decided that Taki’s article openly defending the openly antisemitic Greek neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn was perfectly fine to publish online.

Theodoracopulos’ blatant racism isn’t merely consigned to just the Jewish people either, with the Guardian columnist Tanya Gold stating that Taki also:

“calls Puerto Ricans ‘semi-savages’, [and] thinks Kenya is called ‘bongo-bongo land’ “

However, the Guardian writer did then go on to finish the sentence by claiming that Taki also “believes Jews control the world“ ”

Unsurprisingly, The Spectator’s boast that their sales have drastically improved as a result of employing a massive racist didn’t go down particularly well:

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