The only rational argument used by climate change deniers has just been categorically disproved by scientists

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Despite the fact that 97% of climate researchers agree that climate change is caused by humans, governments seem to be increasingly flooded with climate change deniers or nonsensical approaches to the crisis.

Last month, Theresa May gave the post of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary to Michael Gove; a man who has previously voted against measures to prevent climate change, and who also attempted to expel climate change from the curriculum whilst Education Secretary.

Just days after his appointment, the Conservatives struck a deal to cling onto power with the DUP; a party whose own terrifying positions on climate change are essentially based on stone-age science.

DUP MP Sammy Wilson branded climate change as a “con”, heavily supports fracking, and condemns green activists. There’s also Michelle McIlveen, who blocked attempts to introduce a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act when she was serving as environment minister.

The public cannot possibly have any confidence in a government that are doing their best to either deny, or simply ignore, the harsh truth of climate change. Does the government lack an understanding of science, putting their own opinion ahead of leading experts, or do they simply not care enough about protecting the future of humanity? Either scenario is terrifying.

The growing oblivion that we witness from our elected leaders feeds the delusions of climate change deniers. One of the only rational arguments from those disputing the existence of climate change has been the claim that the Earth is not warming as quickly as climate researchers warn, based on the fact that the temperature data collected by the satellites orbiting the Earth has not seemed to replicate the rate of global warming that the higher temperatures recorded on the ground indicates.

However, in a recent breakthrough, scientists Dr Carl Mears and Frank Wentz have not only explained this inconsistency but they have also revealed the adjusted data shows global warming is happening at an even faster rate than previously thought.

After finding that the discrepancy between the satellite’s temperature readings and the ground sensors was due to the satellite’s orbit gradually changing (caused by friction with the Earth’s atmosphere), they were able to use this to analyse what the data truly predicted.

Horrifyingly, the adjusted data shows the rate of warming is over a third faster than originally calculated.

This scientific breakthrough obliterates the last remotely plausible denial that climate change is happening. This makes it all the more confusing that governments such as ours are continuing to support and appoint people who have made it clear they either do not believe that climate change is taking place, or have a track record of making choices stopping us from acting to save our planet before it is too late.

With compelling scientific evidence and a consensus of experts and physical effects manifesting all over the planet, there is no rational place for climate change denial in our society, let alone from our elected representatives.

We need to raise the bar of what we expect from our government regarding action against climate change; their continuous climate failures are unacceptable and we must demand that those appointed will do the job they are employed to do – the job that our planet is relying on.

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