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Sky News hack filmed saying Manchester attack ‘plays in Theresa May’s favour’ & Corbyn a ‘terrorist sympathiser’

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A video has surfaced showing a Sky News journalist saying that the Manchester attack plays in Theresa May’s favour and repeating the media line that Jeremy Corbyn is supposedly a “terrorist sympathiser”.

The identity of one of the men involved in the conversation is thought to be Faisal Islam, but the identity of the other has not been confirmed to us as yet, but we can be confident he is almost certainly an employee of Sky News. [If you have any info as to the identity of the man speaking, please get in touch with us at editor@evolvepolitics.com]

The video was first broadcast on Facebook live on Sky News’ Facebook page prior to Theresa May’s speech outside 10 Downing Street following the Manchester attack The video was quickly pulled after the conversation occurred.

Many viewers of the video were quick to point out in the comments section that the journalists’ conversation could clearly be heard and that the content being discussed was intensely disrespectful at a time of national mourning.

One of the journalists can clearly be heard saying:

As much as it sounds disgusting and awful, this plays in her (Theresa May’s) favour. a) the whole kind of social care stuff is dead, and you know, who’s been portrayed as a terrorist sympathiser for the last…


The reporter then goes on to say:

and particularly obviously with the Manchester connotations as well given the fact that the last major attack on Manchester was by the IRA

Faisal Islam’s awkward reaction to the words of his colleague makes it seem like he is aware that the conversation may be audible and being recorded.

EvolvePolitics has contacted Sky News for comment. We will report further when we receive their comment on the content raised in this article.

You can watch the full video of the conversation here:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAK7r11t5w8[/embedyt]

[Credit to Unity March News for uncovering the video]

Correction: Our first headline quoted the reporter as saying the Manchester attack ‘plays well’ for Theresa May. The headline has since been corrected to the exact quote which was actually that the Manchester attack “plays in her (Theresa May’s) favour.

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