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Someone’s put Labour Deputy Tom Watson on eBay, and it’s utterly brilliant

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After a week of absolute carnage in politics, the Labour Party has been torn apart from factions on the right vying for power of the party.

A lot of the blame has centered around their deputy leader, Tom Watson, for not doing more to bring both sides of party together at a time of national crisis.

And one Labour party supporter has been so enraged by the situation, that he felt it necessary to list Labour’s deputy leader on eBay.

Mr Watson has been listed in the ‘Porcelain figures’ section – a possible dig at how rather than return in an attempt to calm the unraveling coup in the Labour Party, Watson decided the situation wasn’t that serious and continued his weekend off at Glastonbury.

Tom Watson eBay 1The bidding has already reached an astonishing £30,100.00 (at the time of writing), and it remains to be seen just how much someone will pay for a Deputy leader who “doesn’t work properly”.

The description goes on to state that the “buyer can collect” or the seller is prepared to “put him on a pallet and have him delivered”.

Tom Watson eBay 2The seller advises customers that he also has ‘a lovely Hilary Benn action figure’ who ‘talks about bombing and undermining the democratically elected leader of the Labour party.’

What a time to be alive.

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