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The Times’ latest Corbyn smear has left the paper’s reputation in tatters

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The Murdoch gutter rag masquerading as a quality newspaper, The Times, has today gone full Der Stürmer by using a cartoon depicting Jeremy Corbyn at the helm of a Mersey ferry overladen with migrants.

The cartoon, entitled ‘Migrant Ferry across the Mersey’ was drawn by the Liverpool born and five-time cartoonist of the year, Peter D. Brookes, and was published the day after the Labour Party conference in Liverpool concluded. It would appear to be a response to Corbyn stating that he would not make a pledge to cut immigration by giving a maximum figure.

The cartoon is pure propoganda designed to dehumanise and to create an intolerance towards migrants. It is classic bigot herding, masquerading as clever satire or political humour. It is filth, straight from the playbook of Julius Streicher.

Political cartoons and satire have a long tradition and can be a powerful tool for illustrating points and influencing opinion – as well as being funny.

That said, satirical cartoons should surely be used to attack those in power, not as a tool to demonise people who are actually the victims of those in power.

The degenerates at The Times and Rupert Murdoch should be ashamed. These vile portrayals of immigrants are the stock-in-trade of every title in Murdoch’s Augean stable.

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