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There’s one vital thing Labour members can do to support Jeremy Corbyn

With the Labour coup taking the spotlight in the media, many Labour members would be forgiven for missing the fact that there are another set of internal elections being held this month.

Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC), the body that oversees policy-making and the overall direction of the Party, are balloting Labour members from July 11th until August 5th.

The election will decide 6 candidates to sit on the committee, and for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, it is vital that the people elected share his vision for the future of the Labour Party.

Should a committee of anti-Corbyn officials take the reigns of the NEC, it would inevitably create a huge rift between the majority of party members who back Corbyn, and the party itself.

Presently the NEC is finely balanced in terms of support for Corbyn, and any gains for the right-wing of the party would tip the scales against Labour’s democratically elected leader, and would ultimately make life virtually impossible for any principled left wing candidate to succeed.

The 6 candidates backing Jeremy Corbyn are:

Rhea Wolfson

Britain needs a Labour Party that can deliver a confident and credible democratic socialist agenda; an alternative to the inequality of conservatism and the inertia of nationalism – with fairness and equality at its heart. Labour must be the party that stands against austerity and it needs to be strong and united. I will work to empower members, local parties, and activists; to fight for a more democratic party to deliver change – and ultimately victory.

Ann Black

The Tories are undermining public services, attacking the labour movement and damaging democracy itself. However, surging membership can help us win back lost ground. Labour must build homes, support our councillors, protect the environment, promote peaceful international solutions, and defend pensioners, disabled people, the young, the exploited and the unlucky.

Christine Shawcroft

As a longstanding supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, I was delighted by his election and welcome the new and returning members who have joined since last May. Now we have to reframe the political argument – oppose austerity, challenge racism and Islamophobia, challenge the demonisation of working people, support defence diversification and oppose Trident renewal, and defend public services and welfare.

Peter Willsman

Since 1981 I have uniquely served on all four of our Party’s national committees. We must all unite behind Jeremy and build for victory in 2020. Jeremy’s dedication and integrity is exceptional. The Oldham by-election was a better result (share of the vote) than 1997. My record proves I have the necessary energy, enthusiasm and commitment to play a full part on the NEC as we build for 2020.

Claudia Webbe

Given the Tory government’s attack on the poor, Labour needs to win the next General Election, with Jeremy Corbyn and our strong support. Jeremy’s platform and popularity is based on a clear anti-austerity message – a firm break with the previous consensus. As an equalities grassroots campaigner, I’ve been a progressive voice; championing civil liberties, challenging racism, opposing the scapegoating of migrants and refugees, standing up for trade union rights and defending public services and council house-building.

Darren Williams

Jeremy Corbyn’s election showed that Labour’s members and supporters want a bold, radical platform that presents a clear alternative to Tory austerity. To consolidate his victory and turn Labour around, we need to open up the party to genuinely democratic policy-making and accountability and we need an NEC committed to change. In 26 years’ active party membership, I have consistently campaigned for greater democracy and socialist policies.

What you need to know:

  • Any full Labour member signed up by June 24th 2016 will be eligible to vote in the NEC elections.
  • Voting can be done online or by post, and you should receive an email with instructions on how to vote from tomorrow (Monday 11th July) onwards. If you haven’t received your email by 20th July, you can contact the Labour Party or Momentum.
  • Voting opens on Monday July 11th, and polls will close at midday on Friday August 5th.

For more information on these candidates, you can download the leaflet via this link.

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