Theresa May just crumbled into pieces during a powderpuff interview on the BBC

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Hot on the heels of this morning’s embarrassing manifesto backtrack over the Dementia Tax, the weak-and-wobbly Theresa May has tonight stumbled into the BBC studios to be grilled by former Murdoch bag-man, Andrew ‘Brillo’ Neil.

As expected, the gentle, stage-managed interview was nothing more than a party politcal broadcast for the Conservatives as May flatly refused to respond to any of the questions with anything resembling an actual answer. Predictably, Neil barely tickled May in his attempts to push her to expand on her non-answers.

There was no answer as to why she is now proposing a cap on the Dementia Tax; no answer to where an extra £8 million for the NHS will come from; no answer to where the £10 billion for NHS estates will come from; no answer to how many pensioners will be affected by the means testing for the winter fuel allowance, no answer on why she should be trusted to reduce immigration; no answer on whether she will increase income tax or national insurance. Theresa May is the no answer prime minister. Amusingly, at one point, and with an embarrassing lack of irony, she even claimed that Jeremy Corbyn was trying to sneak into Number 10 by ‘playing on people’s fears’.

The toadying Neil allowed her to repeat her Lynton Crosby soundbites and stock-phrases, ad nauseam – the most important election in my lifetime’, ‘strong hand’, ‘Labour are playing politics’, ‘challenges we face’, ‘A real choice’, ‘it will be me or Jeremy Corbyn.’ Fortunately, this fake, sanitised public-relations exercise only lasted for half-an-hour.

Nobody has received an easier ride since Little Lord Fauntleroy galloped on his hobby horse across the Axminster at his boarding school. It will be interesting to see if Brillo subjects the other party leaders to such a benign inquisition.

May is a thoroughly unimpressive figure. She is a robot; completely lacking in genuineness or warmth. Her style is forced, her sincerity fake, and she has all the ferocity of John Major’s spitting image puppet.

Despite all of May’s bluster about strong and stable government, she is no Iron Lady. She is a weak-and-wobbly tinfoil Prime Minister who leads a tinpot cabinet.

May called an election based on opinion polls and arrogantly expected to sweep to victory. She has shown nothing but contempt for her core-vote (pensioners) believing that the Tory party are entitled to their vote. She may yet find that from June 8th her uncosted and half-baked manifesto will be forever know as the shortest suicide note in history.

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