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Theresa May and her Tory Cabinet are for sale on eBay, and it’s utterly hilarious

Roll up, roll up! We’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity for you!

That’s right! This is your chance to buy a genuine, bona fide, non-functioning government! Well, kind of!

What’s actually happened is that some prankster has decided to put Theresa May and her Tory cabinet on eBay. And the results are pretty funny.

Theresa May Tory Government eBay

Listed as ‘1 Government USED Quick Disposal’, it’s quite obvious that the seller is looking to make a quick buck on an item that may well be past it’s best-before-date soon.

Theresa May’s Government has had 32 bids and is currently selling for the bargain-basement price of just £67.

The seller has given some helpful instructions on how any potential buyer should handle their new purchase:

Plant in a shaded area but with some light as they have a tendency to migrate over to the dark side and you never know who they might get into bed with.

The seller also states that:

Removal imperative as new stock arriving soon. Quite happy for them to be shipped overseas.

And the hilarity only continues in the question and answer section:
May eBay QA 1

Should eBay decide to honour this sale, all the proceeds will go to charity.

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