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Tories ridiculed after genuinely choosing “Britain Deserves Better” as General Election campaign slogan

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The Conservative Party – who have been in government for the past 9 years and whose policies have unleashed unprecedented level of chaos, misery and poverty in the UK – have been well and truly lambasted on social media after genuinely making the decision to use the ridiculously ironic and completely self-oblivious campaign slogan ‘Britain Deserves Better‘.

In his first tweet following Parliament’s decision to accept a snap General Election on Monday, Boris Johnson outlined his potential campaign platform, before ending with the hashtag “#BritainDeservesBetter”:

However, many were quick to point out that Boris Johnson is definitely the encumbent Prime Minister, and that the Tories had definitely been the ruling party for the past 9 years – something which doesn’t exactly put their own record in good light by using the phrase ‘Britain Deserves Better‘.

Labour MP Jess Phillips tweeted her own incredulity at the Tories’ astonishing choice to use the slogan, stating:

“The absolute bantz of the Tories using the tag line after being in Government for 9 years. You’re not wrong lads.”

And numerous other Twitter users also spotted the ridiculously obvious problems with the serving government using such a phrase – with various hilarious comebacks gaining large numbers of retweets:



Even the Tories’ feircest opponents in the upcoming General Election, the Labour Party, agreed with the Prime Minister’s slogan:

The former Prime Minister, Theresa May, was widely ridiculed during her disastrous 2017 General Election campaign for robotically churning out the increasingly irritating “Strong and Stable” slogan ad nauseum during interviews and speeches.

Following the criticism of her Strong and Stable slogan, May quickly dropped the catchphrase – but her campaign went from bad to worse, culminating in her losing her majority, failing to deliver on her one major election promise to deliver Brexit, and then essentially being booted out of Number 10 by her own party after numerous humiliations in and out of Parliament.

However, if Boris Johnson’s first campaign slogan is anything to go by, the Tories’ 2019 General Election campaign is already in severe danger of becoming an even bigger farce than it was two years ago.

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