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Tories ridiculed for attacking Corbyn because he UNDERESTIMATED their NHS failures

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The Conservatve Party have been roundly mocked on social media for launching a bizarre and completely self-owning attack on the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after he mistakenly underestimated the vast scale of the Tories’ failure to deliver on their promises for NHS GP numbers.

Yesterday, the Labour leader conducted an interview where he mistakenly said that the Tories had pledged to increase GP numbers by 1,600, and that they had fallen by 500.

However, almost immediately after finishing the claim, Corbyn asked the interviewer if they could re-film his answer on GP numbers as he had got his figures wrong.

Corbyn then went on to deliver the true figures, correctly stating that the Tories had actually promised 5,000 extra GPs and that in reality they fell by 1,600 – a far larger failure than he had previously stated.

However, rather than simply ignoring Mr Corbyn’s interview which clearly outined the Tories’ horrendous failure to deliver on their promises for the NHS, Boris Johnson’s media department decided to launch a bizarre and ridiculously ill-advised attack video attempting to mock the Labour leader for getting his numbers wrong.

You can watch the Tories’ astonishingly self-owning attack on Jeremy Corbyn below:

Unsurprisingly, given the fact that Mr Corbyn’s mistake was actually extremely kind on the Tories when compared to the reality of their broken promise, the stupifyingly self-defeating attack video was immediately mocked on social media by a vast array of journalists and social media users:

Even the Labour leader himself joined in mocking the Tories, tweeting a reply to their video which stated:

“Thanks @Conservatives for highlighting your broken promise.

GP numbers are currently 6,600 fewer than you promised, not 2,100. My mistake.

And by the way, there’s also a shortage of 43,000 nurses.”


Despite what many right-wingers have attempted to claim, when it comes to social media, the Tories are clearly not getting any better. In fact, this may well be one of their worst self-owns to date.

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