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Tory Councillor Roger Patterson calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be hanged like Saddam Hussein

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A Conservative Party Councillor from Lincolnshire has been slammed after calling for the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to be hanged like the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Roger Patterson, a Conservative Councillor from Scampton and the leader of Gainsborough Conservative Constituency Association, wrote on Twitter that Mr Corbyn should be “swinging from the gallows like [former Iraqi dictator] Saddam Hussein“.

Patterson’s staggering comments were in response to a tweet from the former Labour Parliamentary candidate, George Aylett:

In another tweet, Patterson also called for Mr Corbyn’s supporters a “dirty stain on this country” who should be “cleansed“.

Mr Patterson has since locked his Twitter account following the comments.

Patterson previously encountered controversy after it emerged that he was a member of a closed Facebook Group  which had labelled the BAME Labour Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, a “gorilla“, among numerous other racist comments.

Other members of the group also called for ‘Islam to be banned‘, and labelled anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller a “damn foreigner” who should “go home” or “get what she deserves”.

Responding to his membership of the racist group, Patterson said:

“I was a member of the group but I’m not any more.”

“The group was mostly for serious political discussion on topics such as Brexit and was good for debating people with a range of opinions, but a few idiots ruined it.

“Some of the comments on the page were sickening to see, and I reported them quite a few times.

“Unfortunately the administrators of the page failed to crack down hard enough.”

Evolve Politics have contacted both Mr Patterson and the Conservative Party’s new Chairman, James Cleverly, regarding the Tory Councillor’s latest comments.

At the time of publishing, no reply had been received.

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