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Tory Leadership Candidate Jeremy Hunt pledges to legalise fox hunting if he becomes Prime Minister

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The Foreign Secretary and Tory Leadership Candidate, Jeremy Hunt, has revealed that he will attempt to legalise fox hunting if he goes on to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister on July 23rd.

Speaking during a Podcast for The Telegraph, the widely-despised former Health Secretary revealed his plans, stating that he would support a vote in Parliament if he gets into Number 10:

“I would soon – as there was a majority (in) Parliament that would be likely to repeal the fox hunting ban – then I would support a vote in Parliament. […] I would vote to repeal the ban on fox hunting. It is part of the countryside.”

Hunt’s announcement comes despite the outgoing PM Theresa May’s same pledge to repeal the hunting ban being received extremely badly by the public during the 2017 General Election campaign.

According to a YouGov poll conducted last year, a huge 85% of the general public are in favour of keeping the ban on fox hunting which was introduced by Labour in 2004.

Hunt’s promise to repeal the ban has already come in for significant criticism from all sides of the political spectrum, with many speculating that the pledge may simply be intended to win over Tory members ahead of the crucial leadership vote between himself and Boris Johnson later this month.

However, if this is the case, Hunt’s team do not appear to have done their research, with a further poll showing that just 16% of Tory voters supported Theresa May’s pledge to repeal the fox hunting ban in 2017, with a full 50% opposing it.

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