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Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart pledges compulsory “National Service” for 16 year-olds if he becomes PM

The Conservative Party leadership candidate, Rory Stewart, has promised to introduce a form of “National Service” which would be compulsory for all 16-year-olds, should he be elected Tory leader and then go on to become the Prime Minister.

In a video released on his Twitter page, Stewart proudly announced that “On the day that I take over as Prime Minister, I will launch a National Citizen service.

Stewart then goes on to explain that his plan would involve all 16-year-olds being forced to spend four weeks “learning skills” and “giving back to the community“.

The potential future Prime Minister claims that his plan would be “a fantastic way of bringing people together” and would instill a “sense of national pride” in youngsters:


Unsurprisingly, The Conservative Party MP’s plan to force youngsters into a form of National Service didn’t exactly go down particularly well with many:


A recent poll conducted by YouGov found that Stewart is currently ahead of Boris Johnson as the nation’s favourite to take over as from Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party.

If Stewart does go on to win the Tory leadership race, he would almost certainly go on to become Prime Minister and would then be able to put his National Service proposal before Parliament.

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