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Tory Minister says Boris Johnson ‘will resign rather than sign Brexit extension’

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A Conservative Minister has reportedly made the astonishing revelation that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson “will resign” rather than be forced by Parliament to go to Brussels and sign a Brexit extension.

According to The S*n’s Deputy Political Editor, Steve Hawkes, an anonymous Tory Minister has revealed to The Times that:

Boris Johnson WILL resign rather than go to Brussels for an extension.

The comments are entirely in line with what Mr Johnson has reportedly said in private – having previously commented on his precarious position that “extension means extinction“.

Furthermore, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen – an arch Brexiteer who supports a No Deal Brexit – stated on RTE Radio this morning that:

“I pretty much guarantee you one thing: Boris Johnson would rather resign as Prime Minister than be forced to go against his word and ask for an extension”

Hilary Benn’s bill to force the PM to seek a Brexit extension looks increasingly likely to become law on Monday, after an attempted filibuster by the Tories was ditched.

If Johnson was to resign before 31st Octyober, he would become the shortest serving Prime Minister in UK history.

The current shortest serving PM was George Canning, who served in office for just 118 days before his untimely death from pneumonia in August 1827.

Boris Johnson has currently racked up just 42 days as Prime Minister.

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