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WATCH: Anti-Corbyn Labour MP Jess Phillips hints she could quit Labour to join The Independent Group [VIDEO]



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The notoriously outspoken Labour MP, Jess Phillips, has strongly hinted that she could leave the party to join her former colleagues – such as ex-Labour MPs Chuka Umunna and Luciana Berger – in the newly-former breakaway organsation, The Independent Group.

Speaking to Sky News, Phillips refused to deny that she would be joining the organisation, stating that:

“I was born Labour and I felt like I’d die Labour but when I listen to my colleagues [in The Independent Group] speaking I find it very hard to disagree with a lot of what they were saying.

Phillips went on to claim that she would be “pass” her view on the situation on to Jeremy Corbyn, stating that she “expect[s] him to really listen and take action”.

And Phillips ended her response by leaving open the prospect of joining The Independent Group, stating:

“If those people don’t feel welcome in the Labour Party anymore, then we have a problem. And if people like me are made to feel unwelcome going forward, then, of course, you have to think ‘has the party left you behind?'”

Evolve Politics have contacted Ms Phillips to ask her three questions about her future plans:

  • Will she be writing to/contacting Jeremy Corbyn outlining her demands – and if so, what will they be?
  • What steps does she think Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership can take to make MPs like herself feel more welcome in the party?
  • Is she now considering leaving the Labour Party to join the Independent Group?

Ms Phillips had not responded at the time of publication.

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