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WATCH: Far-right thug gets milkshaked whilst ranting about burning refugee hostels [VIDEO]

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One of Ireland’s most prominent far-right YouTubers just got ‘milkshaked’ on camera at the very moment he was explaining how he had “no problem” with burning down refugee hostels.

Rowan Croft, a far-right provocateur whose YouTube persona is ‘Grand Torino’, was drenched in the dairy-based beverage precisely as he was ranting about having “no problem” with a recent spate of arson attacks on refugee hostels in the area.

In the past year, there have already been two separate arson attacks on the same County Leitrim hotel which was due to to open as an accommodation centre for asylum-seekers.

A few months after the second attack on Leitrim, the plans to use the hotel as a hostel for refugess was scrapped – with campaigners describing the Irish Department of Justice’s decision as a victory for “arsonists”.

In addition to the Leitrim attacks, a Donegal hotel which was also earmarked for asylum seekers was intentionally set ablaze in November.

All three incidents have been widely condemned as racist attacks committed by far-right, anti-immigration thugs.

In the viral video, Croft can be heard discussing the attacks, stating:

“Many of the people down in Rosslare said they said they weren’t having it [asylum seekers staying there], they were going to burn the hotel down. Pretty much like what had happened back in the day and I’ve no problem saying that”

However, before he could finish his disgusting anti-immigrant rant, Croft was drenched in milkshake:

Following the dairy-based incident, Croft posted another disturbing video stating that he would have “choked her the f**k out [the female milkshaker]” if the liquid contained anything other than milkshake:

Shortly after, associates of Croft also begged for donations, attempting to claim that the far right thug was somehow “burnt” by the milkshake and his equipment damaged:


Strange how far-right seem more than happy to abuse and attack minorities but then literally cry over spilt milk when they think they can dupe idiots out of money.

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