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WATCH: Len McCluskey tells Tom Watson: “You should be f**king well ashamed of yourself” [VIDEO]

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The General Secretary of the country’s biggest union Unite, Len McCluskey – an ardent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn – has launched a blistering attack on Labour’s Deputy leader, Tom Watson, telling him that he should “be f**king well ashamed” of himself.

The Unite boss was speaking as part of the annual Durham Miners’ Gala today, and his blunt message to Watson was received by rapturous applause.

McCluskey’s astonishing comments came in response to Watson attacking Labour’s General Secretary, Jennie Formby – who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer – over last week’s Panorama documentary outlining allegations of antisemitism within the Labour party.

Speaking in front of thousands of people at the event, McCluskey said:

“And whilst I’m talking about right-wing criticis, it would be remiss of me not to mention the disgraceful attacks levelled at our General Secretary, Jennie Formby.”

“Wrong in normal circumstances, but when Jennie is fighting cancer, they are despicable.”

“So I have a simple message for Tom Watson and his pals in the media – a simple message to Tom and his pals:

“You should f**king well be ashamed of yourself!”

You can watch McCluskey’s blistering attack below:

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