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Tory MP tells hustings: “I’m really pleased we have foodbanks” then threatens to call police on angry disabled voter

The Tory MP for South East Cornwall, Sheryll Murray, is today at the centre of a row with constituents after she told a local hustings that she was “really pleased we have foodbanks” in the area, and then threatened to phone the police on an audience member who challenged her words.

The Conservative candidate had been speaking to voters at a hustings in the area when the comments were made.

Leah Browning, the South East Cornwall constituent who shot the video (below), said the audience member who challenged Tory MP Murray’s offensive remarks about foodbanks was disabled with a walking stick.

The disabled lady who challenged Ms Murray’s comments has since contacted us to say that she is an ex civil servant and grandmother who suffers from Huntington’s disease and PTSD.

You can watch the incident below:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8aRD9DNDsI[/embedyt]

Speaking to Evolve Politics, Ms Browning also said that her local Conservative MP had not done anything of note to improve the local community, and had a ‘negative reputation’ with local residents:


There was a community group who raised funds and petitioned to stopped dumping in Whitsand Bay, and she (Tory MP Sheryll Murray) even tried to take credit for that!

Ms Browning added that her local MP had:


always voted with her party, filibustered a disability bill and threatened WASPI women with police if they didn’t leave her office

And that Tory MP Murray was also:

known to block constituents on social media platforms


During the hustings, Ms Browning told us that she asked her local MP a question on homelessness and how the Conservative intended to reduce and tackle the issue, but:


She (Tory MP Murray) gave a non answer & proceeded to attack another political party.

Ms Browning, who has previously voted Lib Dem in the past, says that:

I will be voting for Gareth Derrick Labour Party candidate in this election.


I want political and economic change nationally, and I feel it is the only hope for our NHS, our communities and families on the breadline.

Conservative MP Sheryll Murray was also recently filmed making condescending remarks about other constituents (below) after being challenged on her comments regarding the Conservatives’ policy of selling weapons to the Saudi Arabian dictatorship.

Evolve Politics has made numerous requests to Ms Murray for comment, but we are yet to receive a response.

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