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YouGov confirm the Lib Dems are now publishing entirely made-up polls on election leaflets

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Just when you thought the Liberal Democrats litany of fake news scandals during the opening days of the 2019 General election campaign couldnt get any worse, one of the UK’s leading pollsters has confirmed that Jo Swinson’s party are now publishing entirely made-up polling numbers on their official campaign literature in order to dupe unsuspecting voters.

Earlier today, Business Insider journalist Adam Bienkov revealed yet another “dodgy” Lib Dem leaflet being disseminated in Putney.

The official Liberal Democrat election leaflet showed an apparently official YouGov poll, suposedly conducted on October 21st, which claimed that the Lib Dems had polled level with the Tories in the constituency.

However, after being contacted by Bienkov, YouGov made the astounding revelation that no such polling had ever taken place:

Whilst Jo Swinson’s party have already been called out for publishing highly misleading bar charts and fake quotes on election literature, this appears to be the first case of entirely made-up figures being used.

Unsurprisingly, many have already enquired whether the Lib Dems’ use of entirely fraudulent polling numbers is in breach of Electoral Commission rules governing election campaigning.

Evolve will bring you more on this story as it develops.

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