Tory MP told to resign as patron by MS Society after voting for £30 ESA cuts

Conservative MP Kit Malthouse has been told to resign his position as patron for the Andover MS Society.

The decision comes after the Tory MP voted in favour of cuts to ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) that will see MS sufferers amongst hundreds of thousands of disabled people to lose £30 a week in the WRAG (Work Related Activity group).

The Conservatives argue that stripping disabled people of financial security will incentivise them to find work quicker.

Donna Birch, Chair of the Andover MS society told Andover & Villages “Due to recent events we no longer feel that Kit Malthouse is a suitable patron, so we have asked him to step down from this role.”

A number of other Conservative MPs are coming under increasing pressure to resign their own positions as patrons for disability groups following the vote to cut disability benefits.

London mayoral candidate Zak Goldsmith is also currently engaged in a row with Richmond AID who have asked him to explain his decision to take money off some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.

Research by the Disability Benefits Consortium of more than 60 charities reports that 28% of people on the current WRAG rate have been unable to afford food, while 38 per cent have been unable to heat their homes.

Kit Malthouse was unavailable for comment.

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    DID THESE CRETINOUS NARCISSISTIC TORIES, REALLY BELIEVE THEY’D KEEP THEIR POSITIONS AS PATRON SAINTS OF DISABLED CHARITIES, after voting to take £30 a week from them? are they that arrogant, that they thought they could carry on as usual? how embarrassing, being asked to resign from a charity that ur supposed to represent, but u despise its disabled members so much so, that you votes to take £30 a week from their disabled benefits!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON U ALL. MAY U REAP WHAT U SOW.

  • The behaviour of this government has made my life more stressful than any other life event. I am becoming full of hatred towards them and that goes against all my personal values.
    As a person who lives with disabilities myself, I neither need nor welcome the additional stress that this causes. I also feel that I may now need a higher dose of antidepressants.
    I thought that their actions were illegal, but nobody seems to be doing anything about it. When I see their faces or hear their voices I feel physically sick.

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