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WATCH: A BBC Comedy just absolutely nailed the looming horror of Jacob Rees-Mogg as Prime Minister [VIDEO]

It really is is a testament to just how ridiculous politics has become over recent years that a man so stereotypically posh as to have been given the nickname ‘the honourable member for the 18th century‘ is now literally the favourite to succeed the incumbent Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Britain may well have thought the United States were stupid when they elected Donald Trump as President – a man who epitomises the exact culture of greed and corruption that plunged the entire Western world into catastrophe during the 2008 financial crisis.

But, following Brexit – a supposed working class revolt against the political elite – should Britain soon choose to elect a man who literally embodies every single carbon-copied-characteristic of the super-rich gilded elite to take over the Brexit negotiations as PM, Britain’s collective stupidity would surely far surpass that of the American electorate by a factor of unimaginable proportions.

And, it is this incredibly worrying possibility that BBC Two’s The Mash Report decided to ponder in a fantastically funny, but deeply disturbing 4-minute sketch on Thursday.

The Mash Report’s Rachel Parris opened the ominously ironic skit by saying:

Lots of people have been getting in touch to ask ‘who’s this plucky upstart Jacob Rees-Mogg, and is he as much fun as he seems?


Well, the answer is yes. Jacob Rees Mogg is a huge amount of fun. Quintessentially English and old fashioned – a delightful Bertie Wooster-esque eccentric.


Jeeves and Wooster, Downton Abbey, the Crown – British people love throwbacks to a simpler time when the upper classes ruled over us with patronising benevolence.

Before asking the show’s host, Nish Kumar:

Nish, do you like being patronised?


[Nish: No]


I think you’ll find you do.

Before continuing:

But is there more to Mogg than his old fashioned facade? People are really engaging with Mogg’s ‘authenticity’ – he’s not afraid to be traditional and vote with his deeply held Christian beliefs, so let’s take a quick look at this aristocrat millionaire’s voting record.

The screen then displays Mogg’s ridiculously anti-human/anti-worker/anti-literally-everybody-but-the-rich rights voting record, to which Parris says:

As you can see, he consistently votes against gay rights, women’s reproductive rights, human rights and equality.


He’s an absolute rotter isn’t he, Nish?

[Nish: Yes]


Just like Bertie Wooster in PG

Wodehouse’s acclaimed novels:

At which point the screen behind Parris displays three parody PG Wodehouse books entitled:

‘Bertie and the Disabled Scrounger’




‘Don’t Be Gay Jeeves’

And, gradually, the remaining 4 minutes of the sketch become increasingly ridiculous and increasingly funny, until the ultimate finale, which we shan’t spoil for you.

Do take a watch of the brilliant full sketch below. It really is well worth it:

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