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Alan Sugar’s latest extraordinary Twitter rant proves that money definitely hasn’t bought him class. Or dignity. Or modesty.

As you may have noticed, the billionaire businessman and unelected peer Lord Sugar has been having a bit of a pop at Jeremy Corbyn lately – topping off a furious series of Twitter attacks with the posting of a bizarre and derogatory poem about the twice-elected Labour leader. But Sugar’s latest Twitter rant – a virtually incomprehensible, grammatically-disastrous garble of classless mind-mush which he decided to open with the greeting ‘Hi Tosser’, before going on to label Corbyn-supporters as ‘resentful’, ‘jealous’, ‘bitter non achievers’ – clearly goes to show that money definitely hasn’t bought Lord Sugar even an ounce of class. Or dignity. Or modesty.

Lord Sugar – who has bothered to attend just 3 out of 218 votes in the House of Lords since leaving Labour and going Independent in 2015 – followed up his anti-Corbyn poem on Thursday by spending his Friday night laying in to an assortment of Corbyn supporters on Twitter.

Following the poem, Former Labour Deputy Prime Minister John Presoctt posted a hilarious tweet mocking Lord Sugar saying:

“I fully support the . £10,000 charged for every stupid tweet and statement Alan Sugar makes. It’ll clear the national debt within a year.

And the fact that Prescott’s tweet gained over 5,000 retweets and more than 13,000 favourites seems to have angered poor old Lord Sugar just a tad. It seems Mr Sugar is more than willing to dish it out when he sees fit, but just a little sensitive when it comes to receiving it.

Sugar began his attempted fightback by posting a particularly dreary rebuttal to Prescott’s clever tweet, which finished with the 5 foot 6 businessman ominously, and rather hilariously, ordering the notoriously swift-fisted Prezza to ‘Be careful’:

Sugar then turned his ire onto Corbyn supporters, labeling one as a ‘stupid idiot’ and, rather hypocritically, as ‘dangerous and ignorant‘:

Sugar then went on to attack another Corbyn supporter who was arguing in favour of a fully elected House of Lords – opening his rant by ironically mocking their intelligence by labeling them a ‘brain surgeon’, before modestly and stereotypically going on to call them a ‘non achiever (sic)’:

Then, after retweeting a few pro-Sugar tweeters, the outspoken Amstrad billionaire then took things one step further – making the absurd statement that:

“I attend the Lords quite a lot” before angrily tweeting that “You spout from your big mouth without knowing the facts, it is people like you i.e. life losers that tend to influence others who think you know what you are talking about . Which of course you don’t.

Just a polite question, Mr Sugar: if you really have been attending the Lords ‘quite a lot’, why have you only bothered to vote in 1.4% of all votes since 2015? And yes, unfortunately for you, I have clearly researched ‘the facts’.

Sugar then went on another grammatically incoherent Corbyn-attacking rampage:

Before attempting (and wholeheartedly failing) to defend the ever-popular Piers Morgan from literally already-proven allegations of phone hacking:

Then came the pièce de résistance of Sugar’s evening, beginning his final flourish by labelling one Corbyn supporter who had mocked his poem by posting a similarly arranged (and decidedly better) poetic retort as a ‘Loser’:

Before posting what many would be forgiven for thinking were the muddled ramblings of a small, and incredibly angry, toddler:

Sugar even managed to get accused of being racist for appearing to assume one Labour supporter wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol because he was a Muslim, when he wasn’t:

Sugar eventually finished his evening’s work at almost 03:00 by posting a virtually identical rant to one he had previously posted:

It is incredible that somebody who, having commendably worked his way up from a working class lad into an incredibly privileged position, can simply sneer at ordinary working class people for supporting a man who clearly champions our cause.

Sugar’s latest rants go to show that he has thoroughly lost touch with the reality of ordinary people – and, far from his vast riches buying him any amount of happiness, only appear to have lent him anger, resentment and a monstrously befuddled superiority complex.

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