EvolvePolitics understands that if the National Executive Committee (NEC) decides in favour of Jeremy Corbyn being on the ballot, Angela Eagle will consider stepping down as a challenger.

A Labour source cited the unprecedented backlash against Ms Eagle’s campaign on social media from those loyal to Jeremy Corbyn, and the Labour MP for Wallasey is said to be already considering the potential fallout from what would ‘almost certainly be a landslide’ loss.

Ms Eagle’s social media campaign has already come in for huge criticism online, with over 40,000 people showing their support for Jeremy Corbyn on her Facebook page.

Angela Eagle only launched her campaign yesterday, but it has already become clear that Jeremy Corbyn’s support has ‘not wavered’, and Ms Eagle is said to see a ‘fair contest’ (with Mr Corbyn on the ballot) as an ‘unwinnable fight’.

There have also been reports in the media that Owen Smith could also be about to challenge Mr Corbyn for Labour’s top job, and those close to Ms Eagle’s campaign are said to be concerned about diluting the vote against the Labour leader.

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Labour’s NEC is set to decide on whether Jeremy Corbyn will be on the ballot later today, and it is widely expected that the Committee will vote in favour of the Labour leader.

EvolvePolitics have contacted Angela Eagle about this story, but as yet have received no response.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

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