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Anti-Corbyn Blairite Blog The Red Roar duped by “hilariously fake” Corbyn War Room document

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An unregulated anti-Corbyn blog website which was set up by opponents of Jeremy Corbyn within the Labour Party has been duped by a “hilariously fake” document purporting to show numerous individuals that Jeremy Corbyn would have appointed to his “War Room” Cabinet team, had he been elected Prime Minister in 2017.

The document, published by The Red Roar blog website, claims that in the event of becoming Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn was planning to appoint Aaron Bastani of Novara Media, Steve Walker of The Skwawkbox, and Eoin Clarke, a prominent pro-Corbyn Labour member and Twitter activist, as his media advisors.

The Red Roar Fake News Corbyn War Room Document 1
Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed War room Cabinet, according to a “hilariously fake” document obtained by the Anti-Corbyn blog, The Red Roar

However, the veracity of the document was immediately called into question, with many Twitter users pointing out the fact that the obviously fake document had the Number 10 Downing Street logo at the top, despite Corbyn not actually being in Number 10.

Numerous sources within the Labour Party rubbished the document, with Jeremy Corbyn’s former advisor, Matt Zarb-Cousin, poking fun at the unregulated Blairite blog, tweeting:

“This is so obviously fake, the Red Roar have been completely done over”


Jeremy Corbyn’s Head of Strategic Communications, James Schneider, simply tweeted:

Another Labour source told Evolve Politics that the document was “hilariously fake” and that The Red Roar were “in absolutely no position to claim fake news against independent websites considering the fact it has just published such an obvious forgery“.

Jeremy Corbyn’s former advisor, Steve Howell, tweeted to say that The Red Roar had “concocted a fantasy“:

Even the right-wing Guido Fawkes reporter, Alex Wickham, mocked the Blairite blog for falling for the obviously fake document:

Ironically, The Red Roar’s fake news article – which they are refusing to delete despite the blatantly forged nature of the document – states that Jeremy Corbyn was planning to set up a “fake news factory” by appointing Bastani, Walker and Clarke, claiming:

“Corbyn was preparing to set up a fake news factory at the heart of government by handing key jobs at No 10 to alt-left bloggers Steve Walker, Aaron Bastani and Eoin Clarke. It suggests that Corbyn intended to bypass the ‘mainstream media’ in government by handing considerable power to a small coterie of fanatical bloggers who have helped him to communicate his policies and ideas, which he believes are deliberately distorted by a hostile press.”

However, in keeping with his legendary reputation for embarrassing himself, the Daily Mail hack, Dan Hodges, fell for the obviously fake news article, tweeting:

Evolve Politics have contacted the Red Roar to ask them if they are planning to delete the blatantly fake document. At the time of publishing, they had not responded.

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