Umar Nasser

What The Government Isn’t Telling You About Novichok Nerve Agents

So far, the only positive evidence put forward by Theresa May in her attempt to prove that Russia were behind the Salisbury attack on March 4th is the supposed...

Labour supporters should just admit it: Jeremy Corbyn is weak on nuclear genocide

On Friday night the nation watched BBC’s Question Time, and looked on in amazement at the troupe of angry old men who felt that Jeremy Corbyn’s reluctance to commit...

Thinking of backing Labour? Here are 3 reasons why I’m voting for them for the first time

Not content to allow Trump to dominate the headlines, it seems everybody’s favourite Theresa has decided to call another election. Her official justification is interesting: an opposition that she...

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I’m a Remainer, but the Lib Dems’ plan to simply cancel Brexit is truly despicable

Yesterday, members of the Liberal Democrats voted to change their Brexit policy. From previously supporting a second referendum in order to resolve the issue,...

New poll shows Labour have a real chance of ousting the Tories in 2019 General Election

A new opinion poll has revealed that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have a huge chance of ousting the Conservative Party and forming the next...

BREAKING: Anti-Corbyn Labour MP John Mann quits to work for the Tory government. Yes, seriously.

Labour MP John Mann, who has repeatedly lambasted Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist platform, and who has repeatedly voted in favour of the government's...

Luciana Berger forgot to delete numerous anti-Lib Dem posts before joining the Lib Dems

The former Labour MP for Wavertree, Luciana Berger, today announced that she was joining the Liberal Democrats after a brief stint in the slowly...

Senior Financial Times journalist appears to call out the BBC for ‘pro-Boris Johnson bias’

A senior journalist for the Financial Times (FT) has questioned the BBC over their reporting on Boris Johnson's first outing at Prime Minister's Questions...
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