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Boris Johnson has just been endorsed by far-right Fascists, The BNP

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The former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been endorsed by far-right fascists, The British National Party (BNP), over his comments likening Muslim women wearing the Burqa to ‘letterboxes’ and ‘bankrobbers’. 

An article posted on the migrant-hating political party’s website praises Johnson’s refusal to apologise for his divisive comments, and goes on to back the now backbench Tory MP as Britain’s answer to Donald Trump.

The BNP’s article then goes on to brand Theresa May as a “Muslim appeaser”, before denouncing her decision to begin an official investigation into Johnson as “appeasing the Islamist invaders“, stating:

“Mop-topped Tory and likely future Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has effectively endorsed BNP policy to ‘Ban the Burqa’ – #8 in the BNP Ten-Point Plan to Counter Islamist Terror.

To the horror of the his political class and their media, Boris lampooned the oppressive garment comparing the appearance of Islamists in burqas and niqabs to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”.

Occasionally, even members of the political class are struck by common sense and speak their mind, but what makes this instance remarkable is that Johnson refused back down and apologise.

This ‘insolence’ was met with outrage by the political class, multicultural hacks and PC pundits which all called for him to be punished and demanded that the widely traveled Foreign Secretary attend ‘diversity’ indoctrination classes.

Muslim appeaser and anti-Brexit supporter, Prime Minister Theresa May, of course, disapproved of Johnson’s joke and branded it “offensive”.

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May’s priority lies in appeasing the Islamist invaders – yes, the wearing of the burqa is a flagrant refusal to adopt the culture of their chosen country – while denouncing the 57% of the British public which find the burqa offensive, threatening and support BNP policy to have it banned.”

And even more worryingly, the BNP predict that:

“If Boris is indeed styling himself on the [Trump] model, he’ll be scouring the BNP manifesto for policies to lift.”

Following their endorsement, hundreds of followers praised Johnson on the BNP’s Facebook page, with many backing him to oust Theresa May as Tory leader to become Prime Minister.

Johnson’s highly divisive comments came in a column written for the Daily Telegraph last week, and followed a meeting with Donald Trump’s former right-hand man, the white supremacist leader, Steve Bannon.

Before his meeting with Johnson, Bannon hit the headlines after announcing plans to establish a far-right EU-wide anti-migrant foundation called The Movement.

Johnson has a long history of publishing dog-whistle racism, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that his latest anti-Muslim comments show that the former Foreign Secretary is planning to court the hard-right of the Tory Party in any future leadership bid.

However, whilst gaining the endorsement of both Steve Bannon and Donald Trump will be seen as victories by Boris’ camp, receiving praise from an openly fascist organisation like the BNP shows the real direction such people want to take Britain.

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