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Boris Johnson did hint at resignation – but not his. Is Theresa May about to resign?

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Most of the mainstream media have been reporting on Johnson’s supposed ‘hint’ of resignation, but this was in response to a rather lacklustre question from the reporter.

The front page attention grabbing headlines are reporting on the following exchange:


Do you enjoy being foreign secretary?

Boris Johnson:

 Of course.



Are you going to miss it?

Boris Johnson:


When the cares of offic… when I… when the… when the burden of office is… is err.. is lifted from my shoulders I will of course look back with great pride on… on err.. my time doing all sorts of things

My time watching and listening to Bojo speak has taught me to disregard the last 75% of the conversation as it is just riddled with the lexical fillers and disarming buffoonery that has kept him afloat over the years.

The interesting part of the conversation that has not received much attention is Johnson’s response to the opening question (first 25% of the interview).


If you don’t get what you want out of this transition, are you prepared to resign?

Boris Johnson:


Well, I, I, have, you know I think that, if I may say, to be, you know, I think you may be slightly barking up the wrong tree here.

So, Bojo, whose tree should we be barking up? Theresa’s?

If this is what you were trying to say, let me tell you now, you will NEVER be PM.

This said, chances are you will be because it’s 2017 and nothing makes sense.

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