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Boris Johnson just admitted he fully supports BULLFIGHTING

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In a bizarre attempt to boost relations with the Spanish, Boris Johnson has admitted that he fully supports the barbaric sport of bullfighting.

In a move that is also certain to shock and infuriate animal lovers across Britain, Johnson’s crass comments even managed to go down incredibly badly with his Spanish guests – with the Foreign Secretary seemingly completely oblivious to the fact that bullfighting is actually extremely unpopular throughout Spain and even banned in many places.

Whilst attending a dinner to celebrate Anglo/Spanish ties, the blundering Foreign Secretary blurted out that attempts to ban the cruel sport were “political ­correctness gone mad”, The Mirror reported.

Other MPs at the event described how many of the Spanish guests became ‘infuriated’ at Johnson’s support for the barbarous sport.

One guest described how Johnson:

…antagonised every Spaniard there

And went on to say that:

Bullfighting is the subject of lively debate. Some parts of Spain have banned it.


The Spanish don’t like people painting a ­caricature of their country as ­bullfighting, flamenco and paella.

Another guest is reported to have said that Boris was ‘a clown’ and was ‘not fit to represent’ Britain.

Speaking to The Mirror, Chris Luffingham – the Director of Campaigns for League Against Cruel Sports – said that:

If it’s true Boris Johnson has defended bullfighting, then it’s not ­political correctness that’s gone mad.


If Boris has attended a bullfight, he would have seen a bull trapped in a small arena and attacked relentlessly with lances and barbed harpoons. The bull is weakened, confused and tortured before it is killed with a sword.

Before adding that:

If Boris has seen this and still thinks ­bullfighting is defendable, then we’d be concerned about his judgment.

However, Johnson’s media team – obviously now very well-practiced in covering for his many extraordinary cock-ups – issued an extremely swift dismissal of his comments, attempting to clarify that:

The Foreign Secretary was expressing a personal view that he respects this Spanish ­tradition. However, he does not ­personally support bullfighting and he is proud the UK upholds the highest in animal welfare standards, including the ban on bullfighting in the UK.

The event, held in Bath, was organised primarily to discuss Brexit and the ongoing crisis in Catalonia. Bullfighting was not on the agenda.

Johnson’s latest disturbingly revealing comments on bullfighting come just days after numerous MPs called on Theresa May to sack the Foreign Secretary over his catastrophic error that could consign a young mother to a further decade in an Iranian jail.

British mum Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was visiting family in Tehran when she was arrested on suspicion of being a British spy.

However, having obviously failed to properly study his notes, Johnson wrongly told a Common’s Committee that Nazanin was ‘training journalists’ in Iran – a quote which was seized upon by the Iranian government.

Four days later Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe was dragged before a court for further charges of ‘propaganda against the regime’  charges brought entirely because of Johnson’s incorrect assertion.

Johnson has still yet to apologise for his catastrophic error, and is currently sidestepping all questions on the topic from journalists.

Earlier this week Caroline Lucas was asked during a live TV interview to list every gaffe Boris Johnson has managed to get away with, and her reply was absolutely amazing. Everybody at Evolve echoes Lucas’ sentiments about Boris Johnson – he is a despicably disingenuous human being, who only ever thinks about himself.

And the Foreign Secretary’s latest comments should leave everybody in absolutely no doubt that behind the blundering, clownish veneer, there is a hideously dark interior – one that happily condones brutally torturing sentient animals to death just for the hell of it.

If ever anyone needed to know exactly what kind of person Boris Johnson really is, his support for this utterly disgusting sport really does say it all about him.

Boris isn’t a buffoon. He’s a heartless, soulless, maniacally manipulative, incomprehensibly dangerous politician-by-proxy.

Don’t ever let him fool you into thinking otherwise.

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