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Boris Johnson says he hopes for a “greener” future alongside picture of him taking private jet from London to Cornwall G7 Summit

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Boris Johnson has been castigated on social media after tweeting about his hopes for a “greener” future alongside a picture of him traveling by private jet from London to the G7 summit in Cornwall this weekend.

Writing on Twitter, the PM said:

“I’ve arrived in Cornwall for this year’s @G7 where I’ll be asking my fellow leaders to rise to the challenge of beating the pandemic and building back better, fairer and greener.

“It will be a busy and important Summit, and I can’t wait to get started”

However, alongside his words, Johnson posted a picture giving a thumbs up whilst boarding a private jet to take him the 250-mile journey from the capital to Cornwall.

Unsurprisingly, many were quick to point out the astonishing irony of the PM’s demand for a greener future whilst taking such a short trip in one of the most polluting ways possible.

Notorious Twitter comedian, TechnicallyRon, wrote:

“Nothing says ‘a greener future’ quite like taking a private jet from London to Cornwall.”

Whilst Labour MP Luke Pollard made perhaps the worst pun of the day, writing:

“This is plane stupid.

“There’s no trainline to Washington or Tokyo but there is one between Cornwall and London. Take the train, Prime Minister.”

Whilst novelist, Gareth Powell, called the PM a “thundering clown“:

Indeed, the sheer volume of negative tweets about Johnson’s gaffe really is incredible – even for *this* Prime Minister:

The G7 Summit is scheduled to begin on Friday 7th June – and world leaders such as President Biden are scheduled to arrive shortly.

One topic of huge discussion will again be climate change – and it it remains to be seen whether any of the world leaders will mention Boris Johnson’s latest mind-bogglingly hypocritical gaffe.

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