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BREAKING: Senior Tory Brexiteers to “call for no confidence vote” in Theresa May “tomorrow”

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Senior Tory Brexiteers have indicated that they are so angry with Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal that they are likely to trigger an official Vote of no Confidence in the Prime Minister tomorrow, it has emerged.

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg broke the story with a tweet stating:

“Senior tory tells me Brexiteer anger so high that seems likely there will be a call for no confidence vote tomorrow – letters going in -“

Even prior to details of Theresa May’s highly controversial Brexit deal emerging yesterday, numerous pro-Brexit Conservative MPs had already publicly declared their opposition to the Prime Minister.

It has been estimated that around 40 Tory MPs have already submitted letters of no confidence in the PM to Sir Graham Brady, the head of the hugely influential Tory 1922 Committee.

However, if this figure reaches 48 – as now seems likely – a secret vote of no confidence ballot would be held amongst all Conservative MPs.

If more than 50% of all Conservative MPs voted against the Prime Minister, a leadership contest would be triggered.

When questioned on their stance earlier today, senior members of the hard Brexit-backing Tory fringe group, The European Research Group (ERG), such as Jacob Rees Mogg, had been tight-lipped on their stance towards their ongoing support in the Prime Minister.

However, numerous highly credible sources are now reporting the ERG has changed its stance.

In addition to the BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg’s report, Sam Coates from The Times has also stated that “the ERG has today switched position and now support letters of No Confidence to Graham Brady.

Whilst the Head of Politics at CityAM, Owen Bennett, has also just been told by one Tory MP that they have “now put a letter in to Graham Brady calling for a confidence vote” in the Prime Minister.

Whilst Laura Hughes, the Financial Times’ Political Correspondent, said that one Eurosceptic Tory MP who had already submitted their letter of no confidence had indicated that other MPs were now following suit, tweeting:

“One eurosceptic MP, who has submitted a letter of no-confidence, tells FT: “There has been some letter writing today. I for one will not be withdrawing mine, I feel more strongly that she should go now than I did when I sent it over the summer.”

Laura Kuenssberg has issued an update, tweeting that she understands that “there has not yet been an official ERG decision” yet, but that “levels of anger so high that some are doing it anyway” which could result in “a leadership contest by accident“.

Theresa May is expected to make a statement imminently outside 10 Downing Street regarding the Cabinet’s position on her proposed Brexit deal.

The Tory Cabinet have now been locked in debate for almost 5 hours, and it is rumoured that Senior Cabinet Minister still have huge reservations about the proposed deal.

If the Prime Minister is unable to secure the support of the majority of her Cabinet, it would almost certainly spell disaster for her increasingly troubled premiership.

And, with the ERG now also appearing to be making moves against the PM, Theresa May’s astonishingly tumultuous two-year premiership could finally be entering its last fleeting moments.

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