BREAKING: Theresa May expected to make major Downing Street speech following marathon 8-hour Cabinet meeting

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Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to make another major statement inside Downing Street following a marathon 8-hour meeting of her Cabinet this afternoon, it has emerged.

During today’s Cabinet meeting, numerous options to break the Brexit deadlock are rumoured to have been discussed – including calling a General Election and holding a second referendum.

Following the end of the meeting, numerous journalists were briefed that Theresa May is currently drafting a major statement – set to be delivered inside Downing Street later this evening.

So far, just one Minister – the Secretary of State for International Development, Penny Mordaunt – has emerged from the Downing Street Cabinet meeting, with some describing her as appearing “miserable” and “dejected”.

Mordaunt is an ardent supporter of a hard Brexit, and some have suggested that her dejected appearance and the absence of any Ministerial car to accompany her departure could indicate a resignation – however, these rumours are, as yet, far from confirmed:

Steven Swinford from The Telegraph has been briefed that Theresa May is currently drafting her statement with input from the remaning Cabinet Ministers.

It is understood that numerous options were discussed during the Cabinet meeting, and it is as yet extremely unclear as to what Theresa May might be about to announce.

Cabinet Ministers within Downing Street have reportedly had their phones removed from them, in a currently successful attempt to avoid any leaks.

However, rumours are also emerging that Theresa May could be about to soften her Brexit red lines:

More to follow…

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