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Corbyn supporters are spectacularly humiliating Britain First’s deluded leader

Britain First are a spectacularly deluded operation, even at the best of times.

For those of you unfamilair with their particular brand of idiocy, Britain First believe that to be a ‘true British patriot’ you should only ever be angered by things that Muslims do.  Or failing that, anything that any non-white foreigner might happen to do. 

Britain First and its supporters (Biffers) routinely whip up hatred, specifically directed towards the Muslim community, and usually based on significantly flawed logic or the wilful ignorance of similar crimes committed by white people.

Unfortunately, aided and abetted by a loyal troop of grammatically-challenged followers, Britain First’s inherently rabble-rousing style has spread like a virus on social media.

With almost two million likes on Facebook – albeit with a significant number of fake accounts following them – Britain First have somehow managed to drag logic-deficient racism kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

However, despite their worryingly impressive social media numbers, Britain First’s deluded leader Paul Golding may well have just been hoisted by his own petard – yet again.

After the Tories tried and failed to launch a desperately shoddy Momentum-imitation ‘youth club’ Activate a few weeks back, it has become increasingly obvious that right wingers are significantly outnumbered by left-leaning progressives on social media in Britain.

How Britain First avoid this significant numerical disadvantaged is by simply banning anybody who challenges their disgusting views, or tries to get their supporters to actually use their brain, from their Facebook page.

But, on his personal page, Golding somehow decided to overlook this problem – leading to all manner of hilarity on his latest post.

In events that will no doubt anger Golding, and significantly confuse his admittedly easily-baffled supporters, the vast majority of comments on his latest rabble-rousing post have been hugely pro-Corbyn.

Seemingly confident in the size of his support, Biffer-in-Chief Golding posted a meme to his verified personal Facebook account on Monday. The post was simply a picture of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with the caption ‘Describe him in one word’.

Obviously expecting his supporters to direct their full repotoire of synonym-deficient, grammatically incoherent far-right scrawlings against the Labour leader, Golding was in for a little bit of a surprise.

Here are how Paul Golding’s “supporters” described Jeremy Corbyn:

What’s even funnier is reading the incessantly monosyllabic and hilariously baffled replies to these top comments from Golding’s actual supporters – they really don’t seem to know what’s going on at all.

After he realises just what a mess this post has become, it’s pretty likely that Golding will delete all the top pro-Corbyn comments, so do check them out – and especially the utterly braindead Biffer replies – as soon as you can below:

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