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#CPC18: Young Tories propose ‘bringing back public hangings’ and ‘recolonising Africa’

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Young Tory members at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham have responded to criticism over their party’s lack of new policies by proposing two extremely controversial policies that they would like to see the party introduce – suggesting that the Conservative government should reintroduce public hangings and begin recolonising Africa after Brexit. Yes. Seriously.

Writing on Twitter, Guardian journalist Dawn Foster – who is currently reporting from the Tory Conference in Birmingham – claimed that she had “asked some young Tories what policies they thought would attract voters under 30 to the party“.

The young Tories reportedly responded by saying:

“bring back public hanging” and “Scramble for Africa 2.0”

Foster then went on to clarify that this was not the first time that she had been told by young Tories at this year’s Tory Conference “that colonialism should be Britain’s post Brexit future.

The Guardian journalist also went on to contrast the extremely controversial policies being proposed by young Tories to the extremely sensible ones being advocated by young members at the Labour Party conference just last week, stating:

“For comparison, Labour youth I asked said “free education”, “affordable housing”, and “nationalised trains” ”

Unsurprisingly, many people on social media reacted with outrage at the young Tories’ astonishingly regressive proposals:

The news also comes at the same time as numerous Tory MPs have spent large portions of their Conference speeches attempting to brand the Labour Party as extremists.

However, whilst Labour’s proposals for renationilising public utilities and investing in the public services have huge public support, and whilst young Labour members are proposing similarly moderate left-wing policies, it has become increasingly obvious that it is not Momentum who are the extremists – as the Tories’ media lackeys have attempted to portray them – but young Tories instead.

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