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Crew of a far-right anti-immigration ship become stranded, so a refugee-rescue boat went to save them

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German volunteers aboard a refugee rescue vessel in the Central Mediterranean say they have been deployed to help a stranded ship occupied by anti immigration far-right activists.  

The stranded boat, the C-Star, is operated by an anti-immigration group ‘Defend Europe’, and the crew issued a mayday saying their ship has suffered a mechanical failure and could not manoeuvre.

The rescue ship offering to help, operated by Sea-Eye, is usually reserved for helping desperate refugees fleeing war-torn countries across the treacherous Mediterranean Sea from North Africa, but an extraordinary twist of irony has seen the crews of the two opposing groups come together in a time of need.

Chairman of Sea-Eye, Michael Buschheuer, said:

To help a ship in distress in the duty of anyone at sea, without regard for their origin, race, religion or beliefs.


This means that [under maritime laws to prevent collisions] the vessel is considered ‘not under command’ and information was sent out to vessels nearby in accordance with regulations.


Before adding:

This problem is about to be resolved.

However, the stranded anti-immigration group ‘Defend Europe’ have previously said Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), like Sea Eye who rescue desperate refugees from drowning are:

nothing less than part of the international human trafficking ring

‘Defend Europe’, who have actively attempted to block the rescue of drowning refugees, have also said that those fleeing war-torn Syria are part of an ‘invasion’ that is endangering Europe.

Sea Eye Volunteer Holds Drowned Refugee Baby
A German rescuer from the humanitarian organisation Sea-Eye holds a drowned migrant baby of the Libyan coast. Reuters

It remains to be seen whether this experience will be enough to alter the outlook of those claiming to be defending Europe from a supposed ‘invasion’ of refugees.

Even those who act tough can become desperate for help sometimes. This incredible story goes to show that every single human being is entirely vulnerable, and can become reliant on the goodness of fellow human beings to save them in times of danger.

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