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Doctors up and down Britain have been brutally exposing Jeremy Hunt’s lies about the #NHSCrisis

Theresa May declared this week that the NHS is ‘better prepared for the winter than ever before’. Meanwhile, in the real world, doctors up and down the country have been taking to Twitter to catalogue the absolute chaos and despair that’s been caused in the NHS thanks to the Tories.

Emergency medicine consultant Dr Richard Fawcett tweeted about the ‘third world conditions’ of the A&E department:

Emergency medicine consultant Dr Anu Mitra described what he called ‘corridor medicine’ and went on to suggest that:

Tomorrow I think we should just get Estates to take the swing doors off resus, they’re superfluous. This is battlefield medicine.

Dr Mitra might in fact be lucky: in other places, they’ve even run out of corridors.


But it’s okay, folks, the government feels your pain. Yesterday, Jeremy Hunt apologised to the estimated 55,000 people whose ‘routine’ operations have been cancelled because of the current crisis. The cancelled operations were ‘absolutely not what I want’, he said. He probably should have stopped there rather than going on to essentially say that ‘look on the bright side, it’s better to have your operation cancelled in advance than on the day’. A sentiment which is of little comfort to those waiting in terrible pain for their operations.

Hunt’s apology cut no ice with Junior Doctor Aislinn Macklin, who tweeted:

Jeremy Hunt should probably have learnt by now that if in doubt, keep your mouth shut. He recently made the mistake of suggesting that half of A&E departments were performing better than last year.

Paediatrician Dr Rod Kelly wasted no time in responding:

Today it was Theresa May’s turn to apologise, during a visit to a hospital near London. She feels very, very, sorry about what’s happening (although of course, there is no crisis in the NHS):

I know it is difficult, I know it is frustrating, I know it is disappointing for people and I apologise.

But wasn’t there something a bit odd about the photo that accompanied the report of her visit? David Schneider certainly thought so.

Last week, Labour MP and doctor Rosena Allin-Khan went to see for herself what conditions were like, working a shift in A&E at a London hospital. The answer was that they were the worst she’d seen in her whole career as a doctor:

Jeremy Hunt is, of course, falling over himself to praise NHS staff, in a vain bid to curry favour. Recently he said they ‘could not be working any harder’, and the response from one of those on the frontline was immediate:

It’s a nice idea, but platitudes come cheap, and the Tories need to spend all the spare money on tax breaks for their rich friends – not something pointless like saving the lives of commoners.

Yes, despite overwhelming evidence from those on the frontline that the NHS is being driven over a cliff by the Tories, don’t expect to see Hunt and May loosening the purse strings any time soon.

Austerity must continue, apparently whatever the cost.

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