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Former Conservative MP accuses Donald Trump of engaging in sexual acts with victims of human trafficking

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Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch has accused the President of the United States, Donald Trump, of engaging in sexual acts with victims of human trafficking. 

Mensch, the former Tory MP for Corby, has posted a string of tweets in which she alleges to have knowledge of video tapes that show the President personally committing ‘illegal’ sexual acts with the victims.

When asked if the victims are adults or minors, Mensch says “I am not permitted to say.”

The former Conservative MP also heavily implies that she has first hand experience of the contents of the alleged tapes.

Mensch has posted a string of tweets under the hashtag #PIMPOTUS that accuse Donald Trump of committing various illegal and degrading acts, as well as retweeting numerous other tweets including a post accusing Trump of raping an underage girl.

Louise Mensch Rape Retweet TrumpMensch also confirms that main source of the story is a ‘go between’ who worked for organised crime syndicates in Russia supplying ‘girls/women’ to a company known as ‘Trump Model Management”.

Despite being regularly outspoken on Twitter, Mensch will be fully aware that, if untrue, these accusations could land her in an extremely dangerous legal situation. Trump has a long history of filing lawsuits – suing an estimated 1900 people during his career – and Mensch’s accusations will almost certainly be on the President’s radar in some respect, should Trump be confident of his innocence.

Louise Mensch claims that the alleged video tape is now in the possession of Robert Mueller, who was the FBI Director from 2001-2013.

We will bring you more as this story develops.

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