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Former “Labour” MP John Woodcock pledges to prop up Tories in No Confidence motion

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The man elected as the Labour MP for Barrow-in-Furness, John Woodcock, has pledged to prop up the Tories after refusing to support the motion of confidence tabled against them by the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Woodcock, who is now sitting as an Independent MP after quitting the Labour Party amid allegations of sexual harassment, stated during today’s no confidence debate that he could not support the motion as he believed the Labour leadership were “unfit to hold high office“.

Woodcock’s comments were met with cries of ‘disgrace’ by many of his former Labour colleagues.

The former Labour MP was suspended from the party in April amid claims that he sent inappropriate messages to a former female member of staff.

However, just two months later, Woodcock resigned from the party, claiming that it had been “taken over by the hard left” and that it supposedly “tolerated” antisemitism.

Unsurprisingly, Labour members and supporters have lambasted Woodcock’s decision to prop up the Tories on social media:


During his time as a Labour representative, the notoriously anti-Corbyn MP was nicknamed the “Honourable Member for Riyadh” by Labour supporters in reference to his all-expenses-paid trip to Saudi Arabia courtesy of the Arab State’s dictatorial head-chopping regime.

Furthermore, even during his time as a Labour MP, Woodcock held little loyalty to the party leadership, and his latest pledge to prop up the Tories in today’s confidence motion will surprise very few.

You can watch Woodcock’s speech below:

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