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Huge boost for Jeremy Corbyn as #JC9 – yes NINE – sweep to victory in Labour NEC elections

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Jeremy Corbyn has been handed a huge boost after every single one of his nine preferred left-slate candidates have swept to victory in Labour’s internal NEC elections.

The so-called #JC9 were reduced to 8 after Peter Willsman had his crucial support from the Jeremy Corbyn-supporting organisation, Momentum, withdrawn after appearing to play down the Labour antisemitism row in a leaked audio tape last month.

However, despite having his support withdrawn midway through the contest, Willsman managed to secure just enough votes to join the other eight left-slate candidates on the NEC board.

The nine Corbyn-supporting winning candidates are Yasmine Dar, Rachel Garnham, Claudia Webbe, Darren Williams, Huda Elmi, Navendu Mishra, Ann Henderson, Jon Lansman and Peter Willsman.

Whilst Dar, Garnham, Webbe, Williams, Lansman and Willsman have retained their seats on the NEC, Huda Elmi, Navendu Mishra and Ann Henderson are newly elected and will replace Eddie Izzard, Ann Black and Rhea Wolfson to ensure a full slate of Corbyn-supporters on the NEC board.

The results for the winning candidates were as follows:

DAR, Yasmine 88,176 ELECTED
WEBBE, Claudia 83,797 ELECTED
GARNHAM, Rachel 81,702 ELECTED
ELMI, Huda 80,371 ELECTED
MISHRA, Navendu 75,224 ELECTED

The losing candidates and their votes are below:

IZZARD, Eddie 67,819
BAXTER, Johanna 50,185
SINGH JOSAN, Gurinder 48,643
BLACK, Ann 45,566
BECKETT, Jasmin 43,955
PETO, Heather 43,774
AKEHURST, Luke 43,156
CAZIMOGLU, Eda 40,807
WIMBURY, Mary 40,507
BANES, Lisa 37,993
MASTERS, Marianna 35,061
FLETCHER, Jonathan 15,303
GUY, Stephen 14,985
MORRISON, Nicola 10,671
CRAIGIE, James 10,326
SPEDDING, Gary 9,854
STANNERS, Stephen 8,909

The nine winning candidates will take up their seats on the NEC board immediately and will boost Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of being able to enact sweeping internal democratic changes that hand even more powers back to ordinary grassroots Labour members.

The benefits of having a full left slate on the NEC could well be seen almost immediately as a vote on the return to the democratic process of Mandatory Reselection of MPs is likely to be held at the upcoming Labour Conference at the end of September.

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