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Jeremy Corbyn just obliterated Theresa May’s last shred of credibility in outrageously sassy style

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Things aren’t going particularly well for Theresa May and the Conservatives at the moment.

After the humiliation of losing her majority in her snap vanity General Election, Theresa May has presided over what can only be described as an absolute shambles.

Forced into making a dirty deal with religious extremist fundamentalists to scrape a wobbly majority in Parliament, and with Tory MPs and Councillors making horrendously offensive comments all over the shop, Theresa May probably thought things couldn’t get much worse.

After all this mayhem, a crisis-stricken Theresa May felt weak enough to resort to begging Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party to help formulate policies for the government post-Brexit.

And after Theresa May’s pathetic plea to Labour, she has now encountered something she probably didn’t bargain for: a deliciously sassy leader of the opposition.

Yesterday in the House of Commons, the Labour leader offered to ‘furnish’ the PM with a copy of Labour’s election manifesto, stating:

I’m really surprised she had so much to contribute to the G20 given there was barely a mention of international policy in her party’s election manifesto. Or indeed any policy – so much so that the government is now asking other parties for their policy ideas. So, if the prime minister would like it, I would be very happy to furnish her with a copy of our election manifesto – or better still an early election, in order that the people of this country can better decide.

And today, as you can see from his Facebook post below, Jeremy Corbyn has delivered on his promise and signed a copy of the manifesto along with a personal note to the PM, writing:

Dear Prime Minister,


You asked for policy ideas, so here’s our General election Manifesto.


Kind regards,


Jeremy Corbyn

That sass is on another level.

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