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Jeremy Hunt just got caught out BLATANTLY LYING again about the NHS – where’s the media outrage?

Completely devoid of any real ideas or genuine reasons to attack Corbyn, the Tories and mainstream media (MSM) have spent the past 3 weeks dedicating their time and effort to manufacturing the student debt controversy.

The Tory media seem to believe that Corbyn promised to abolish all student debt during the general election: something which he never said.

However, he did say he was planning to deal with the burgeoning student debt crisis, before the bubble bursts.

WATCH: Corbyn on Marr explaining for the millionth time what he actually said about student debt during the General Election.

Not content with creating fake news designed to smear Corbyn, the Tories are now shamelessly demanding that he apologise for this “broken promise” — a promise that he didn’t actually make.

Yet, the media outrage seems to be strangely missing when it comes to lies that the Tories themselves have told.

Take for instance this massive porky pie from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who not only lied, but also slapped suffering mental health patients and our hard-working and dedicated nurses in the face whilst doing so.

As David Munday, Lead Professional Officer for the United Health Union quickly pointed out Hunt’s claim simply isn’t true.

In fact, the number of mental health nurses employed since the Tories came into power has plummeted.

Labour MP and Shadow Minister for Mental Health Luciana Berger demanded evidence from Hunt to back up his shameless lying.

Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t provided any evidence. 

As Berger says, Hunt literally “made up” his claim about mental health nurses.

So then will Hunt apologise for this massive lie? Or should I say WHEN will he apologise for it? Will the Tories themselves now be DEMANDING that Hunt apologises for lying to the British people, whilst slapping mental health sufferers and nurses in the face?

Of course, the Corbyn student debt Tory-MSM manufactured controversy and subsequent ridiculous demand that he apologise is a just a classic political deflection and distraction technique.

The Tories are trying to deflect their weakest points onto their opponents as a distraction, in the sad and vain hope that nobody realises the obvious truth: that the Tories themselves are the real liars.

By focusing on this supposed “broken promise” by Corbyn the Tories are hoping to kill his support with young people — another of their own weakest points.

Clearly, the Tories have no ideas anymore: the MSM minions who parrot their narratives unquestioningly also appear to be bankrupt in the Corbyn-smear department.

If the Tory MSM cared about us they would demand that Hunt tells the truth about the NHS mental health nursing crisis. Every front page in the land would be calling for an immediate resignation by Hunt, this should be the REAL outrage.

Unlike the manufactured outrage, the Tory lies really do matter.

Let’s make sure that Hunt and co don’t get away with this nonsense any longer, and let’s start to hold them to account.

The MSM may not be outraged by Hunt’s lie, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be.


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