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WATCH: Jeremy Hunt just did an hour-long Facebook live video. It did not go well. [VIDEO]



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Jeremy Hunt – almost certainly Britain’s most loathed politician – inexplicably decided to do an hour-long Facebook live video tonight to answer questions from ‘the public’.

It’s safe to say it did not go well.

The man who has presided over an utter decimation of our NHS since his time as Health Secretary decided it was a good plan to announce his upcoming Facebook video on Twitter.

It really wasn’t – as the many, many angry replies showed:

And then, predicting the hilarity that was about to ensue, the Conservative Health Secretary began his Facebook video by warning viewers to ‘just ignore’ the ‘strange things on your screen’ from member of other political parties.

Mr Hunt then decided to answer his first question – a question supposedly ’emailed’ to him prior to his Facebook video regarding his Twitter spat with physicist Steven Hawking.

The Health Secretary hilariously stated that he believed ‘the smartest man in the country’, Steven Hawking, was ‘wrong’ about his record on the NHS.

Then, referring to the inordinate amount of reactions to the video, Hunt went on to describe himself as a ‘marmite character’, after hearing from his advisors that there were supposedly ‘lots of hearts as well as lots of angry emojis’ on the video.

It’s safe to say his advisors were giving him false information about the number of heart emojis.


And, as many others have pointed out, the only love being shown during the video was for the NHS itself – not Jeremy Hunt!

Hunt then used his time to conveniently address yet another Twitter spat he is currently involved in, this time with comedian Ralf Little.

Hunt said that he was willing to have a live TV debate with the actor, should he be able to provide evidence that Hunt ‘knowingly lied’ about the Tories’ ‘expansion’ of mental health provision.

However, immediately after Hunt declared ‘here’s the evidence that…’, the Facebook live video mysteriously decided to cut out for a few seconds, missing out any ‘evidence’ that Hunt had.

Needless to say, Ralf Little himself replied in blistering fashion:


However, unsurprisingly, rather than actually answer questions which were being asked live on his feed, Hunt seemed only willing to respond to pre-scripted questions supposedly sent to him by email prior to the video.

You can watch Hunt’s Facebook live video below to see just how many angry people he decided to completely ignore:

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