Jewdas – the left-wing Jewish group that Jeremy Corbyn celebrated Seder with last week – have placed the “Anticapitalist Beetroot” that the Daily Mail immortalised in their infamous and incredibly ridiculous headline “They raised a beetroot in the air and shouted f*** capitalism” on the online auctioning site eBay.

The bidding has already reached an astonishing £22,422.22, and Jewdas say that all proceeds will go to Babel’s Blessing – a grassroots community organisation who provide English language lessons for refugees.

On the eBay listing, the ever-brilliant Jewdas wrote:

“This is an authentic beetroot that was present at the Jewdas 2018 seder, and later memorialised in a Daily Mail headline. It is currently in our fridge.

We will be pickling the beetroot and sending it to YOU for you to enjoy. Feel free to raise it in the air and say whatever you want before/after/during consumption.

It will also be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Geoffry Cohen.

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SHIPPING: It will be posted in a week or so, in a jar in a container with appropriate cushioning.

OVERSEAS SHIPPING: If you are overseas we will attempt to package it in such a way that it survives. Shipping fees are only to cover the cost.

Proceeds will go to Babel’s Blessing [a grassroots community organisation who provide English language lessons for refugees].”

Jewdas are also selling “Authentic Jeremy Corbyn allotment maror (creamed)” – which is currently selling for £99 on eBay, stating on the listing that:

“Last week, Labour leader and general comrade Jeremy Corbyn came to our seder and very kindly brought some maror (horseradish) from his allotment. Some was left over (because there is always leftover maror, the point is that it is not very nice), and it is currently in our fridge in a ziploc bag.

We will be creaming the horseradish according to traditional methods (for preservation), and sending it to YOU for you to enjoy.

It also comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Geoffry Cohen.”

We sincerely hope eBay honours all of Jewdas’ transactions!

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